What Council meetings are held?

Full Council – ten scheduled meetings are held each year. Planning Committee – meets every two weeks as necessary to consider all applications other than those leading to a new address or change of use (referred to full Council). Finance Committee – meets in May and November each year to produce a financial risk management […]

What happens at Council meetings?

The Clerk is the ‘proper officer’ appointed by the Council to discharge its functions and is responsible for preparing agendas, taking minutes and helping Councillors make decisions that are informed, procedurally correct and lawful. Meetings are run according to Standing Orders agreed by the Council. Standing Orders include statutory legislation for the organisation and transaction […]

What is Councillor Personal and Prejudicial Interest?

In the interests of democracy and transparency, Councillors have to consider any personal or prejudicial interest1 they may have in any topic on the agenda in accordance with the Model Code of Conduct2 issued by the Standards Board for England. All Councillors are issued with a ‘Guide for Members’ of the Code when they accept […]

What is happening in the Burial Ground?

The Parish Council is embarking on a series of works to improve the burial ground. If any parishioner has an idea for anything to improve the area, or would like to dedicate something (such as a seat) to a loved one please contact any Parish Councillor to discuss. We welcome any ideas which would help […]

What is pollarding?

Pollarding from RHS article ‘Gardening For All’   http://apps.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/Profile.aspx?pid=156     Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches a certain height, and annual pollarding will restrict the plant to that height.   Pollarding is a […]

When are Council meetings held?

Meetings of the Parish Council and its committees are generally held at Shepherdswell Village Hall on a Wednesday, with the first meeting of the evening commencing at 7.00pm (if there is a committee meeting) before the full Council meeting at 7:30pm. A timetable of meetings can be found on the Council’s website:   http://www.shepherdswellwithcoldredpc.kentparishes.gov.uk/   […]

When can I speak at Council meetings?

Members of the public have no automatic right to speak during a meeting. However, at the beginning of all Council meetings the agenda allows the public to participate regarding items on the Agenda. It is the Chairman who determines who shall speak, in which order and for how long. Councillors with a prejudicial interest statement […]

When does the Parish Council meet?

The Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise notified, at 1930 in the Village Hall. All parishioners are welcome to attend. The Council does not meet in August or December unless necessary.

Who can attend council meetings?

Anyone – however, if the Council needs to consider certain matters in confidence (such as employee issues, negotiating contracts or pursuing/defending a legal action) Councillors may vote to exclude the public and press.

Why are Council meetings held?

Aside from the fact that there is a statutory obligation for the Council to meet at least four times a year, meetings are the Council’s principal means by which to discuss issues, formulate policies and make decisions on matters affecting Shepherdswell and Coldred or its governance.