Website updates

I have tidied up the small problem with agendas. It seems that some parishioners have been saying on social media that they cannot access them, and I have now discovered that the method I was using to display them does not make them appear on the outfacing site, although they do appear in my editing version. This is a glitch which I will try to sort out but in the meantime the agendas are available as a download.

I have taken out all references to agendas and they will be put up as a post only and the post removed once it is out of date. Minutes will remain a permanent feature, of course.

There is little point in posting on social media any problems with the website, or indeed in emailing the parish clerk. If you have any comments or suggestions about the website please go to Contacts where you can email me directly. That will get things sorted out sooner.

You may have noticed there has been quite a lot of posts recently concerning road closures. As there has been so many I will limit future posts to anything in our immediate vicinity. These are also removed once they are out of date.

Please bear with me in the matter of the new website; it has taken me into a steep learning curve and there may well be other teething problems.

STOP PRESS: I have added the agendas in a different format and they should now be readable in the post.