When can I speak at Council meetings?

Members of the public have no automatic right to speak during a meeting. However, at the beginning of all Council meetings the agenda allows the public to participate regarding items on the Agenda. It is the Chairman who determines who shall speak, in which order and for how long. Councillors with a prejudicial interest statement may also address the meeting at this time. If the Chairman of a meeting considers that a member of the public present may have information which would help Councillors or committee members make an informed decision, the Chairman may – with the permission of the meeting – invite that member of the public to speak during the meeting.

Note: Other opportunities exist to raise concerns with the Council, including contacting Councillors directly or contacting the Clerk. Also note that Councillors with a prejudicial interest in a topic will be limited in their ability to act in a Council meeting, see Councillor Personal and Prejudicial Interest (page 3) but they can ask another Councillor to raise any issue for them.